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Old News Letters

Issue No. 1 :8 pages.


Our first March Nostalgia
pages 5RAR Reunion
Why we formed
Where are they now?

Issue No. 2 :16 pages.


Nostalgia pages
The Dat Do Minefield
How we worked
The Flagpole Incident
Frank Brady profile
Our casualty rate

Issue No. 3 :20 pages.


ANZAC Day March
Nostalgia pages
Canberra visit
Going bush with Infantry
Sappers in the Slammer
Our RAE Badges

Issue No. 4 :20 pages.


Nostalgia pages
Wounded Sapper stories
Nui Dat
Sapper Snippets
Vung Tau - Paradise!
The Boys from the North

Issue No. 5 :20 pages.


Nostalgia pages
Black Saturday
Sapper Snippets
Bunker searching
Historic mine map

Issue No. 6 :20 pages.


Nostalgia pages
Battle of Long Khanh
Sapper Snippets
Tunnel Rat numbers
Our full casualty list
The gear we carried

Issue No. 7 :20 pages.


Darwin trip plans
Nostalgia pages
Going into the Tunnels
Praise from the Infantry
Sapper Snippets

Issue No. 8 :24 pages.


Big Darwin vist
Nostalgia pages
Combat Badge success
John Schofield story
Tunnel torch techniques
Booby trapped tunnel

Issue No. 9 :24 pages.


Nostalgia pages
Vietnam tour plans
Bunker assault
Combat Badge update
Operation Stirrup Cup
Email War #1

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