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Through the photographs taken by the men who served there, take a walk back in time to see Australian Tunnel Rats at war (and play) in Vietnam in the 60s and early 70s. For ease of viewing we’ve broken the galleries down into clear segments: “Nui Dat” – our base camp. “Out on Operations” – where the action was, while attached to Infantry and Armoured units. “Vung Tau” – a piece of paradise where we went on leave for a few days after Operations. “Mines and Booby Traps” – the nasty stuff we came across. “Weapons” – theirs and ours. “Fire Support Bases” – Temporary HQ in the middle of each area of Operations.

We welcome the submission of photos to include in the galleries. You can submit photos by email or post. Key people in the photos should be identified by name and by Troop, and wherever possible also name the unit being supported (eg: A Coy 6RAR) and the Operation. An approximate date should be given, even if it is only the year the photo was taken. Wherever possible, the location where the photo was taken should also be given.

This way we’ll build up a valuable, interesting and informative collection of meaningful photographs of the Tunnel Rats in Vietnam.

Email photos to: tunnelrat@optusnet.com.au

Post photos to:

Vietnam Tunnel Rats Assoc

43 Heyington Place

Toorak Vic 3142