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Old News Letters

Issue No. 10 :24 pages.


Nostalgia pages
Vietnam tour finalised
Working with!Tracks"
ANZAC Day coverage
Association at work
Email War #2

Issue No. 11 :32 pages.


Nostalgia pages
ACB Presentations
Summary 5 Sapper MM
Sapper Snippets
Vietnam Trip Report
Baby Viper Device

Issue No. 12 :32 pages.


Nostalgia pages
Tassie Reunion Plans
Multiple Claymores
ACB presentations
Our MM winners Pt.1
Where our KIA are buried

Issue No. 13 :32 pages.


Nostalgia pages
ACB presentations
Old Sappers Assoc
Our MM winners Pt.2
1Tp�s secret grog raids

Issue No. 14 :32 pages.


Nostalgia pages
Tassie Reunion Plans
Our Sappers today
Components of an IED
Our MM winners Pt.3
Historic Sapper document

Issue No. 15 :32 pages.


A different country, a different
war, and forty years apart, but
todays brave Sappers in Afghanistan carry on
the unique role we performed
in Vietnam

Issue No. 16 :40 pages.


With gas masks,torches
,pistols and bayonets at
hand, Sappers of 3 Troop 1
Field Squadron approach one
of the many enemy caves
and tunnels they searched and
destroyed on Operation

Issue No. 17 :40 pages.



Issue No. 18 :44 pages.


Sappers leading
the way in Afghanistan

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